Christine Staehelin


Christine Staehelin has designed, installed and maintained city gardens and gardens in the country side. She is a Brooklyn Botanic Garden certified horticulturist and a professional designer and artist for more than 20 years. Christine is participating in professional horticultural networks at NYBG and BBG. 

3 Pines Garden Design LLC works with skilled contractors working in stone, wood and metal on demand, and oversees your design from beginning until completion.

3 Pines Garden Design LLC uses skills and know-how carefully for each client’s space, needs and style to create a beautiful garden experience. From large to small, from diverse to minimalist gardens, attention is put on using an ecologically sound plant palette and to manage your garden organically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my landscape?

The only people who will work on your landscape are members of my team.

Are you insured?

I carry full liability insurance for all projects.
Some larger construction projects require special insurances, licenses and certifications. I have trusted members of the landscaping community that I work with for those special cases.

What kind of landscaping do you do?

I can do all kinds of landscaping, but my specialty is in mixing native and non-native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area. 

3 Pines Garden Design LLC

Christine Staehelin 340 19th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 3pinesgardendesign(at) (917) 572-4980 3 Pines Garden Design LLC serves all NYC boroughs and beyond


I had the pleasure of working with Christine on a front yard project in the city and a sizable, intricate garden project in the country. Christine approached every aspect of landscaping, from design to installation, with diligence, passion and an artist’s sensibility. Her unique skills and talents and her solid knowledge of plant life, including varieties, their specific characteristics and needs, allowed her to create gardens that are exceptionally beautiful, healthy and sustainable. I can wholeheartedly recommend Christine’s landscaping services.

- Martin

We love Christine and her team! We have worked with them on seasonal changes and maintenance on our storefront planters. We are always delighted when they come, and so are our neighbors. They always stop by to tell us how much they love our planters. We are thrilled to have found them, and consider them a valuable resource.

- Carol

We have a small front perennial garden in Brooklyn that Christine has been taking care of for a little over a year. It has never looked so good. She has helped us choose new plants that keep the garden blooming and lush from early spring to fall and takes care of the irrigation. She is really communicative, dedicated and honest. I enjoy working with Christine and highly recommend her. She has really nice ideas, is creative and knows her plants. She easily picks up on how I want the garden to look and works with me to achieve it. 


3 Pines Garden Design did a fantastic job with our backyard garden. Christine provided a number of different, creative options from which to choose that were an excellent fit. She worked very hard and efficiently to complete the job quickly and at a very affordable rate. We use our garden all of the time and love the results.

- Jed and Vivian

Christine's knowledge and creativity helped change my deck garden from dull to flourishing. She had to work with plants that do well in shade since I don't get much sun. In 2016 she sketched a plan and selected plants that would thrive in that environment, she picked an interesting variety, some for color, or for texture, or shape, and for the first time, I even had some flowers blooming there. In 2017, Christine installed an irrigation system, which kept the plants thriving even when I was away, as I often am in the summer. Christine is still keeping an eye on her work and she is always helpful and available for my garden concerns and questions.

- Crista

Working with Christine was such a pleasure. She understood our vision and worked closely with us to better understand what made the most sense in our environment and how to best sustain our garden over the years. Her attention to detail and obvious care and love for what she does was very evident, it let us know we were in very good hands. We always dreamed of having a garden oasis in our little Brooklyn patio and Christine made it better than we could have imagined.

- Laura